Who We Are

Chef Jonah Shaw

Jonah Shaw has been involved with the food scene in the Catskills for over 40 years. His first encounter with the food world started when he was four — in 1976 his mother started, and continues to operate, a whole foods coop that has become the area’s go-to source for local products — Good Cheap Food in Delhi.

After graduating college, he lived in New York City, running his own graphic design company. It was there that he developed a greater love of food and cooking. So he took apprenticeships at the multi-star restaurants Berkley, Montrachet, and Nobu. Jonah then ran several restaurants in Philadelphia before returning upstate to open the ever popular Quarter Moon Café.

In 2010 he started Taste of the Catskills Festival with friends and owners of Maple Shade Farm. This Columbus Day weekend event has become an extremely popular event to enjoy the bounty of the Catskills amid one of its most historic farms. Check out more information on the Taste of the Catskills website.

A couple of years after founding the festival he created Catskill Food Company, which specializes in artisanal meat products. You can see the offerings online here. The company was founded on the principle that quality counts and that really great food shouldn’t be a luxury for the few. Everything is made in small batches, using the finest ingredients — one bite, and you will be hooked.

Through the years, Jonah has experimented with many cooking methods and finding ways to bring out the best from local ingredients. He was worked a bit with the ultra modern including sous vide and molecular gastronomy. And now, he wants to bring it back to the early ages of food prep by sharing with you Cooking on Coals.

Natural Gardens

Natural Gardens was envisioned and created by Stephen McCarthy & Cathy Fletcher utilizing the natural beauty & resources of this unique property.

The property boasts the most diverse collection of wildflowers, perennials, grasses, trees & shrubs in the western catskills. In conjunction with ponds, streams & wetlands, the property draws an amazing diversity of birds, mammals and other wildlife.

Mr. McCarthy holds a degree in biology and horticulture and is certified as a Nature Habitat Specialist. He also has over 45 years of experience creating nature habitats.

Natural Gardens offers nature related educational seminars & tours in addition to the rental of the property for events & weddings.