Our Participants

If you would like to be a participant at Cooking on Coals, please send an email to cookingoncoalsevent@gmail.com.

Food Partners

Catskill Food Company creates artisinal meat products including a wide variety of sausage, delicious bacon, and smoked ham. Catskill Food Company was founded on the principle that quality counts and that really great food shouldn’t be a luxury for the few. We make everything in small batches, using the finest ingredients — one bite, and you will want to try everything we make!

Slate Foods We are all about New York Grown and Raised Beef for New Yorkers! We began producing local and sustainable beef products for schools in 2011. While we began with a small batch effort for one district on Long Island, we soon grew to produce enough beef to fulfill many districts stretching from Eastern Long Island to Buffalo. We specialize in producing ground beef products (Bulk and Patties) and reserve center cuts for select customers. We are now expanding with a new partnership with a Finger Lakes beef arm to expand our line into the college/ university and healthcare markets across the state. Slate Foods is NY Grown and Certified and WBE.

Rosenkrans Farms

Beekman 1802 Two NYC guys who bought a farm and are sharing their experiment in living better lives, season by season, neighbor by neighbor.

Mapleshade Farm

Cowbella. We launched Cowbella in 2010 in a small creamery on our 200 year old Jersey farm in Jefferson. Today, we have relocated production into a larger more modern facility in Bovina Center, with historic roots as a cooperative creamery. Cowbella products include milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter made in small batches by the same people who raise the cows and run the farms.

Tree Juice Maple Syrup

Quarter Moon Cafe Catering events of distinction from 2 to 1000 people. Custom menus created for each event. Consulting for large event and restaurant projects.

Cooperstown Cheese Company

Skytop Springs Fish Farm is a family owned and operated farm. Sustainability and conservation are at the heart of our operation. We choose to raise rainbow trout because it is a species that thrives on cold, clean water. Our farm focuses on producing healthy, sustainable, and all-natural fish for consumption.

Mauer's Mountain Farm

Maplewood Farm

Goldenrod Restaurant Seasonal, local cuisine. We source our ingredients from the farmers, foragers and producers of Delaware County, N.Y.

Toonie Moonie Toonie Moonie Organics, Ltd. is a growing company, located in Oneonta, NY. We committed to providing organic sweets and treats, using only the finest ingredients to make our signature product…the original and only totally organic marshmallow crème on the market. We are true to our commitment of building a diverse, yet like-minded team who believe in the integrity and quality of our product; showing kindness & respect to all people and creatures; treading lightly on our planet; and staying true to our vision of building a successful company. We currently offer Toonie Moonie Vanilla Marshmallow Crème, an
organic version of a loved, nostalgic sweet (think rice crispy treats, nut butter sandwiches, ice cream topping) and as an ingredient in specialty commercial products such as ice cream, fudge, frosting, bars and bakery products. Our growing customer base includes people who love sweets (especially sweets that bring back fond memories of childhood) and are seeking an alternative to chemically laden products on the market and food entrepreneurs who have and are discovering our marshmallow crème as an ingredient for their specialty natural, organic products, extending the market for Toonie Moonie Marshmallow Crème into new and creative products. We are proud to have been named America’s Small Business Development Center - New York Innovator of the Year
in 2018.

Bonticou Ducks We raise heritage breeds of chickens ducks and geese in the Hudson Valley. Our birds are truly pastured, they are not moved in small boxes from one small piece of grass to another, but live in a natural environment, protected from sun and weather and predators by access to trees and brush, and are moved frequently to fresh grass and fresh cover. We raise Silver Appleyard, Duclair, Rouen and Muscovy ducks, Bresse, Barbezieux, Marans and other classic American and Continental chickens, and German Embden and French Toulouse geese. We also prepare smoked duck breast using apple, cherry and hickory woods, our duck leg confit is prepared using duck fat rendered from our own birds.

Rogers Ranch We are a small Honey Producer located in the Western Catskill Mountains. Our honey is natural, raw and pure. Just as the honeybees created it.

Beverage Partners

Brewery Ommegang

Awestruck Ciders is a small hard cider company located in the foot of the Catskills. We create all of our unique ciders right here in Delaware County. We use 100% NYS apples in all of our creations and aim to please all taste buds by offering a range of flavors from dry to sweet.

More Good

Kerrs Creek Distillery We are a NYS Farm Distillery. We take pride in being a small scale, hands on producer of fine spirits. Our batches range from 30 to 60 bottles. This small scale allows us to be very precise in what goes into our products. No bottling line up here, we hand bottle and label each and every bottle we produce. This small scale allows us to work with local farmers and keep it sustainable. We age our whiskeys in small 10 gallon oak barrels instead of the standard 53 gallon. This allows us to get more flavor due to more surface area of oak touching the liquor. So, stop by and taste the difference of small scale

KAS Spirits KAS was born in Brooklyn to a Lithuanian family and reared in New York. For many years he enjoyed making his own secret family krupnikas recipe for holidays and special events. In 2013, he decided it was time to share his krupnikas with the world and started KAS Spirits. KAS is created in the Hudson Valley town of Mahopac in Putnam county New York. It is bottled and labeled by hand.

Wayside Cider

Saratoga Spring Water

1857 Spirits Just to give you a little back ground, beginning in 1857, six generations of the Barber family have farmed in the heart of the Schoharie Valley ‐ The Breadbasket of the Revolutionary War. Barber's Farm Distillery started selling October 2015, an exceptional potato vodka with ingredients not available to any other distillery. We use only potatoes grown on our family farm and water from our own spring to create 1857 Vodka of singular quality in the Barber family tradition of excellence.

Health & Beauty & Craft Partners

Catskill Botanicals

Red Caravan Jewelry

Heart & Soul Jewelry

The Turnsmith

Dragonfly Effect Naturals