How It Works

What to Expect

Natural Gardens is the masterpiece of horticulturist Steve McCarthy. The grounds are comprised of many spring fed ponds that are crystal clear. One is stocked with koi. Steve has planted an amazing array of flowers that commingle with wild plants native to the property. You will be amazed by the splendor of Steve's creation.

Act 1: Explore

At stations throughout the grounds a beverage producer will be paired with a food producer. For example, you might be able to taste Catskill Food Company sausage paired with an Ommegang beer at one station. At another station you might find local smoked trout paired with cider. There will be a minimum of seven stations set up throughout the grounds.

At each station you will be able to purchase items from the maker to bring home — a bottle of whiskey, tasty cheese, or steak! Don't worry — all that you consume at the event is included in your ticket.

Act 2: Fire

Our chefs will start cooking on the coals. But, don't everyone rush in at once. We will have plenty of meat to satiate everyone. So if you've found the perfect hangout you don't need to make sure you're first in line. We're going to keep cooking until everyone has had enough. We'll have a table of side dishes and as the chefs take hunks of meat off the coals, we'll slice them up. Have a slice of rib eye now. And then some grilled trout. Feeling a bit stuffed? Grab a drink and stroll around a couple of ponds and come back for more.

The idea is to be relaxed. Enjoy the fire. Hang with your friends and make new friends.

Act 3

After everyone's had enough meat, we'll have something sweet. Smores? Why not? Mezcal isn't local, but maybe we can sneak some in anyway? Bring a cigar if you like (please no smoking near the fire while people are eating). Bring a blanket to sit around the fire when the cooking is done.


4:30 — VIP arrival and special cocktails
5:00 — VIP guided tour of wild edibles and medicinal plants
5:30 — Grounds open
6:30 — Dinner tables open for VIP guests
7:00 — Dinner buffet opens for all ticket holders — don't rush, we'll keep cooking till your done eating
7:30 — Stations around the grounds will start to wind down
?? — Dessert

*In the event of inclement weather, cooking will be done on grills and service will be inside the wedding barn at Natural Gardens.